Apr. 21 Post

Here are some photos showing recent progress on the volunteer cabin and The Station.


in-floor heating

in-floor heating                                                    


pouring concrete

pouring concrete


finished concrete

finished concrete


P1400090  P1390985  P1400099   P1400106


Apr. 11 Post

Single Parent Family Camp

Our spring break Single Parent Family Camp was buzzing with activity in spite of the rainy days as we hosted 12 parents and 13 children ranging in age from 3 to 18. Mark & Petra Anderson and Heather van Woerden shared with the adults on “Finding Joy in the Single Parent’s Sacred Journey.” Two young men from Trinity Western University, Tarun Reddy and Andrew Perrin, were our musicians. Our interns planned a variety of crafts, games, hikes, time on the farm, and even campfires for roasting marshmallows (something we can’t do in the summer) to keep the children occupied in addition to their Bible lessons.

Single Parent

Preparing for Marriage

This retreat with16 young couples, some with wedding dates set and some not yet engaged, included a number of former summer staff, which is always fun for us.

Prep. for Marriage

Station Windows

All 106 windows are on site and many of them have been stained after hours of volunteer time to unload them into The Station, set them around for access, mask off the glass with poly to protect it while spraying on the stain, staining, then rubbing off the excess, removing the poly, cleaning up the trash. Next came the work of installing them – big ones, little ones, ones that open, triangular ones…

Here are photos of some of the volunteers hard at work.


P1390260  P1390256 (2)  P1390325 (2)

Interior framing is beginning to take shape… glimpses of the kitchen area.

P1390070 (2)   P1390072 (2)

The massive concrete wall that will hold the new Orchard Terrace in place has been poured and the frames are being stripped, a time-consuming project. We can then back fill and begin landscaping.


Blasters were here for a couple of weeks to enlarge the sawmill yard and to dig out some large decorative rocks for us to use in the landscaping.


Cabin Electrical

The rough-in wiring has been done for the volunteer cabin – there are now some lights there!

P1380668 (2)  P1380538 (2)


Kim has been busy planting. Things are rather slow-growing with so little sunshine and there has been an ongoing battle with birds stealing the seeds she has planted but there are greens coming in the not-too-distant future to the kitchen both from the greenhouse and from the garden.


A few more signs of spring even with more fresh snow on all the mountains, even one as low as Elphinstone!

P1390314 (2)  P1390311