After many days of moving dirt, adding dirt, packing dirt, followed by countless hours of tying rebar, today is the day we are pouring the concrete floor in the new outdoor area.

moving dirt   rebar

Many hands and feet are contributing to a successful pour – each one with a specific job to do to keep things moving quickly. From the loader operator who dumps the huge bags of concrete and buckets of gravel into the concrete mixer drum, adding the precise amount of water needed for the desired consistency, to those unloading the concrete onto the floor


to the man with the water hose keeping concrete cleaned off wherever it isn’t wanted

P1400492  P1400513

to those leveling the concrete at all its stages of setting up, and those doing the finishing work, each person has an important job to do.




We are so grateful for the many who came to make this happen today!


The decks are also being poured…

P1400524  P1400538

P1400546  P1400557


And the main entry into The Station:

P1400548  P1400550