A lot has happened here at Barnabas in just a week! To start with, we had 60 some pairs of hands working at many projects during Serve & Grow over the long weekend. We are so grateful for all that was accomplished and for wonderful weather all through it.


Here are some glimpses of what took place:

Many hours of digging bulbs out, weeding, preparing flower beds for summer flowers, putting together hanging baskets, planting…


Then there was all the pruning, cleaning weeds out from around the pond, removing blackberry encroachments, seeding new grass, fertilizing…

Before and after shots of the rhubarb/strawberry patch

weeding and pruning


Fencing: many trees came down across our deer fence during the winter, including through the one next to the gate on our road, so lots of repairs were needed.

P1400613  P1400707


Newsletters: approx. 1700 Canadian and 350 US mail-outs are done for our newsletter. That includes folding, stuffing, sealing, and stamping envelopes to take to the post office. Then there are about 50 that are emailed to those who have requested them that way.



Painting the Adirondack chairs…

P1400587  Painting Adirondacks


Renos to the boathouse – the new “Castaway Cabana” where our summer guests can buy cold treats.

IMG_3577 (2)  P1400602  P1400600  P1400712


Cleaning buildings not used in the winter and construction site messes.

P1400611  P1400581


During devotional times throughout the weekend our railway fan, Harry Maekelburger, told a lot of interesting stories and facts about railroading in Canada and likened them to parts of our Christian walk.

Harry M doing the firing on the Heritage Park steam train  IMG_20160924_114412747 (2)


Pressure-washing, mechanical repairs, fertilizing lawns, burning brush, working on plans for the electrical infrastructure upgrade, and numerous other projects were all undertaken.

Wayne, our electrical engineer

Wayne, our electrical engineer


And of course there was lots of wonderful food…

18557470_1722255661147792_4918587632555140431_n (2)  P1400617  P1400618


We were able to serve lettuce from our greenhouse during the weekend! The farm interns and Kim have not only been busy gardening but also making soaps, lip balms, and more to see in our General Store this summer.

greenhouse  FarmWorks


A new boathouse for waterfront equipment: last fall this building was made available to us by the local Search and Rescue when they replaced it with a larger one. We’ll keep you posted as to where it is anchored, how we access it, and what it looks like with the equipment moved into it.



The concrete pad for the new outdoor dining area was poured – again, we had many volunteers who came to help with this massive project since the concrete was mixed here on site and it took a lot of people to do the placing and finishing. We also poured the decks on all sides of The Station. (See previous post for photos of this underway.) Here is Thomas cutting expansion lines in the concrete.

P1400578  P1400650  P1400521


We also tore down part of the old Orchard Terrace, which was a little sad when we think back to all the wonderful conversations that took place during meals there. However, our new dining area will give us even more opportunity for relationship-building!



The volunteer cabin has been dry-walled and painting is underway.

P1400424 P1400411


A barge-load of doors has arrived for The Station.

P1400714  P1400730

P1400721  P1400722


Meet Hop, our newest pet on the farm. We know he will be a favored attraction with the little ones!


We also have added more chickens to the flock, including a couple of roosters! The 8 piglets are growing on the food scraps from the kitchen and the supplemental feed we are giving them to get them off to a good start.

P1400405  P1400402  P1400284  P1400269

Stay tuned for more…