We are excited our new hot tub has arrived and has been very much enjoyed by numerous guests already. We are so grateful to the extended family who funded this project!

hot tub

The 2 new Kubota utility vehicles funded by our summer BarnaWave are proving to be extremely helpful already to the farm crew and to Phil for all kinds of property use.



Our adventurous farmers have decided they wanted to try their hand at smoking meats and other treats and bravely began with pork belly to make their own bacon after a wonderful donation of a smoker.
They recently had a “summer farm intern reunion” and cleaned out the greenhouse, took down trellises in the garden, and a variety of other fall routines. Kim’s plan is to let the chickens take over the greenhouse for the winter again.



smoking pork belly for bacon



Construction of the fireplace on the Pavilion is underway…we will keep you posted with its development.



The volunteer cabin kitchen cabinets have been installed as well as the wood stove in the living room, and the concrete decks and walk were poured.



A long delayed project, the rebuilding of the old farm pier, has been started with the new pilings being pounded in a few weeks ago. The crew will return soon to continue with the placement of the frames for the decking.



Nearly all the siding and trim is in place on The Station and almost all the exterior posts and beams have been washed. Our workers are now staining all of them, a huge job but it really makes them stand out and will preserve them for much longer. They have constructed a “greenhouse” with heat blowing into it to help dry the stain on these cooler days.



Our fall Serve & Grow starts today and already a few early birds have many of the summer flowers pulled out (and all the weeds that never stop growing) as they prepare the beds for winter flowers and plant spring bulbs. Other projects will include staining siding, fence repairs, pressure washing and cleaning various areas – no juicing this year because we used the sparse apple crop in other ways. By Sun. evening many tasks will have been completed that would have taken our staff a long time to get to and we are so grateful for all our volunteers who make this happen.

P1450195   P1450198



flaming tree to be planted                     pansies to add color to flowerbeds


Here’s just a glimpse of our spectacular fall colors.