With a return to warmer weather we have been able to do some construction projects that were on hold since early Dec. because of all the ice and frozen ground.
One day this week, in spite of heavy rains off and on throughout the day, the crew poured 47 yards of concrete (that’s 5 truck-loads) for the retainer wall around the new Orchard Terrace, which will eventually be hidden by the landscaping.

P1380190   P1380191  P1380197


Here is a look at the train station-appearance entries to the suites on the lower level of The Station. Our timber-framer extraordinaire, James Simon, is a master at perfect cuts and joins so fine that you can’t slide a piece of paper through between!


Walls have gone up on the volunteer cabin and the beams for the deck have been lifted into place. The front back-fill has also been done, sloping down to the road. The last of our big beams milled here on site is now in place as the ridgepole for supporting the roof.

P1380159  P1380175  P1380185



This was our morning sunrise with fresh snow on all the mountains around us – a wonderful view to start our day!

P1380203  P1380199