This past weekend was our annual Valentines’ Fundraiser with 53 guests excited to be here with each other, to be challenged in their thinking by Mark Buchanan’s devotionals, and to give The Station coffers a huge boost through outbidding each other on our auction items and other various donations. We are excited to share that the current amount raised on the weekend was $79,680 + $61,000 in pledges over the next couple of months, all to be matched by another donor.


Silent auction items

16730180_10154597926051107_4943517174718283537_n (2)

Swan towels for Valentines


Many flowers and candles and fun shapes of wood decorate the buildings


5-star meals


Appies in Applegate with great conversations

  Valentines group photo       


A team of roofers came Monday and shingled the roof on the volunteer cabin.

P1380460  P1380472


The roofers for The Station are also back at work now that the weather has improved and have the east end of the roof where the Orchard Terrace roof joins in nearly completed. They are busy trimming the skylights and preparing to roof the Terrace this week.

P1380471  P1380499-crop


The “envelope” of the building is in place – this goes on the exterior walls to seal out moisture.



The first 11 of the 104 windows for The Station are now on site. The window casings are Douglas fir with an aluminum cladding on the exterior, so some of our staff has the job of staining the interiors in the shop before the windows are installed. Some windows now are in place in the dining room!

P1380475  P1380479  P1380486  P1380491