When you become a Summer Staff member at Barnabas, you embark on an exciting journey.

You are given the opportunity to build into the lives of families—providing them with rest, biblical teaching and a whole lot of fun!


We are looking for…

We are looking for Christian adults, college-age or older, with a solid and growing evangelical faith.  We are also looking for those with an aptitude to develop warm, nurturing relationships with children and adults.

Some potential gifts you might bring are:  music, drama, crafts, water sports, outdoor activities and a love for children and families.

We interview carefully.  To serve Christ on staff is demanding (with long hours) but satisfying; it is a great privilege that requires total commitment.  We ask that you prayerfully consider your role.

Comment from a previous staff member:

“What a wondrous summer it’s been. I can only imagine the impact Christ has had on many lives through your service unto Him. Many evidences of God’s grace have and will continue to be seen in and through the ministry of Barnabas. Your heart for gospel-centred community, hospitality and spiritual rejuvenation has encouraged me deeply and has planted many se dos inspiration in my heart. The vortex of busyness can so easily consume our energy for meaningful discipleship. Yet this summer you showed us as staff another way, the way of Christ. Thank you for being readily available amidst your hectic schedules. I pray that the season ahead will prove refreshing in the spirit.”



Our Mission Statement

Barnabas is an interdenominational ministry and our purpose is to strengthen, educate and encourage families through Christian retreats.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the visible image of the invisible God and that in Him all Deity dwells in bodily form.  We believe that all scripture is inspired by God and it is our final authority for faith and life.


SS 2017


Summer Director (4-month position May – August)  

Asst. Summer Director  (14 week position)

Farmers  (two 4-6 month positions beginning in May)

Rowing Club Captains (two 14 week positions)

Lead Cook (12 week position)

Group Leaders (six 11 week positions)

Groundskeeper (11 week position, plus additional weeks offered beginning May 4)

General Store Keeper (two 11 week positions)

Tube-Boat driver (11 week position)

Lifeguard (11 week position)

Ensign – Boat driver for town errands (11 week position)

Videographer (11 week position)

Assistant Cook (two 11 week positions, plus additional weeks offered beginning May 4 for one)





Start Date for 11-week positions: June 11, 2018

Training Dates: June 11-22, 2018

Completion Date: August 26, 2018



SPRING 2018 PAID POSITIONS:  approx. May 1 – June 8

  • Groundskeeper/Maintenance (Honorarium Plus room and board)
  • Kitchen  (Honorarium Plus room and board)