The Barnabas Internship Program grew out of a desire to equip, encourage and train the next generation for leadership and service.

The program provides developing leaders a chance to learn and serve within the day-to-day operations of Barnabas Family Ministries—through the teaching of respected speakers, weekly sessions with mentors and hands-on service.

The internship is designed for young adults aged 18 to 30 and runs for nine months.  It takes place at Barnabas Landing on Keats Island, BC.

Our Director of Interns, Ruth Blake, has worked alongside dozens of young adults and in 2010 this passion grew into the internship program.



CORE is our focus.

“For God’s word is solid to the core, everything he makes is sound inside and out.”  Psalm 33:4 – The Message


Barnabas Internship Goals:

Expand Your Heart: We desire to stir passion in your personal intimacy with Jesus Christ through prayer, devotions, and core Biblical teachings. We want to provide an opportunity for discipleship that is unique to you according to your areas of strength and weakness. It is our goal to impart spiritual truths that will reveal your identity in Christ.

Expand Your Leadership: We desire to help you grow in your pursuit of personal leadership excellence. We will challenge you in areas of time management, punctuality, work ethics, confidence, and organization. It is our goal to impart a strong sense of personal responsibility and commitment to Jesus.

Expand Your Ministry Experience: We desire to provide a platform for you to get a true taste of ministry through a variety of hands-on experience in different areas within Barnabas.

You will be working as a team, individually, or with other full-time staff members, in the hope that we will impart wisdom to one another. It is our goal to impart a desire to see Jesus’ Kingdom extended as you are exposed to ministry inside and outside of Barnabas.

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The Barnabas Internship program is an opportunity to learn, serve, and grow. You will experience the inner working of camp ministry, help to “set the table” for our guests, and grow through experience with mentoring and times of quiet contemplation.

The Internship program is a great opportunity to take a breath, to step out of a place where are constantly being fed information, and step into a place of formation. Join our team and together help us to strengthen and encourage each person who comes to Barnabas.



Questions?  Need an application?   Contact Ruth at 778-200-3553     or     contact us.