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Our Outdoor Dining Area Has a Floor!

After many days of moving dirt, adding dirt, packing dirt, followed by countless hours of tying rebar, today is the day we are pouring the concrete floor in the new outdoor area.    Many hands and feet are contributing to a successful pour – each one with a specific job to do to keep things  Continue Reading »

We have a New Phone Number

We are changing our phone system to better meet our needs in the future, which has necessitated a new phone number for us. Please update your records with our new number   778-200-3553 All calls made to our old number will temporarily be forwarded to this one.

Spring Activities

Apr. 21 Post Here are some photos showing recent progress on the volunteer cabin and The Station.                    Apr. 11 Post Single Parent Family Camp Our spring break Single Parent Family Camp was buzzing with activity in spite of the rainy days as we hosted 12 parents  Continue Reading »

Rowing Club Applications

With our summer staff now in place for 2017 we are ready to begin accepting Rowing Club applications as of April 1st. Forms can be downloaded by going to “Get Involved” on our home page, then clicking on Rowing Club and finding the forms in the right column. We prefer you to email your application  Continue Reading »

Your 2017 Summer Staff

We are delighted to have finalized our staff for the summer and to be able to present them to you. Our Summer Director is MacKenzie Cameron, who has been a group leader a couple of past summers – some of you will remember her in roles such as Walt Disney’s personal assistant and Mary Poppins.  Continue Reading »

Catching Our Breaths After A Couple of Intensely Busy Weeks!

Our 2 summer registration days had the phone lines ringing non-stop for 3 hours each morning; some people trying to register said they redialed over 350 times! As a result, every one of our summer family retreats is totally full and most have wait-lists. This is a new experience, as we usually have space in  Continue Reading »


This past weekend was our annual Valentines’ Fundraiser with 53 guests excited to be here with each other, to be challenged in their thinking by Mark Buchanan’s devotionals, and to give The Station coffers a huge boost through outbidding each other on our auction items and other various donations. We are excited to share that  Continue Reading »

Construction Update

With a return to warmer weather we have been able to do some construction projects that were on hold since early Dec. because of all the ice and frozen ground. One day this week, in spite of heavy rains off and on throughout the day, the crew poured 47 yards of concrete (that’s 5 truck-loads)  Continue Reading »

Looking for 2017 Summer Staff

2017 has arrived with sunny but cold days and there is a lot of ice on the property that makes getting around treacherous…we are so glad that we can think about summer days to help us get through this! Yes, it is time for Summer Staff applications to come in. If you are interested in  Continue Reading »

Welcome, Paisley Elizabeth Anderson!

Jan. 5th  Thank you for your prayers for Paisley! She came home to Keats Island on Dec. 20th to enjoy her first Christmas with family. She is gaining weight satisfactorily and the doctors have no concerns about her at this point. There will be future appointments with a pediatrician to keep tabs on her but  Continue Reading »

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