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As Sweet As Honey

With fall’s cooler temperatures it is time to harvest our honey. Although some of the bees were not impressed with being robbed, Kim, Christoph, Vanessa, and Stephanie managed to steal the trays of honeycomb and process the honey. Sweet treats coming up…  

Ongoing Construction

Construction has continued throughout the summer on The Station – some of the exterior doors are now in and all kinds of trim is being put up, a very time-consuming job. Our next big push is the electrical infrastructure and the kitchen so we can begin using it.                Continue Reading »

Our Fall Season Has Begun

After serving 18,000 meals, making up 230 guest rooms for 814 guests, running waterfront and all kinds of other activities for 36 days, 90 program skits, and all the other things that go into a summer, we have said goodbye to our last families until next year. Some comments made by guests were: “This was  Continue Reading »

Family Retreats are Underway!

On June 25th 23 eager families boarded a boat for their week at Barnabas, starting us off with gusto.       The first week’s 3 and 4 year-old group was a very large, energetic one that kept Sharaya on her toes!   Just a hint from program this summer:   And who is this  Continue Reading »

Summer Staff Orientation

Arrival of our summer staff                   Beginning of training – Barnabas principles                 Sorting through costumes                     Music training with Russ Rosen, including writing our own song          Continue Reading »

Many Events in the Last Week!

A lot has happened here at Barnabas in just a week! To start with, we had 60 some pairs of hands working at many projects during Serve & Grow over the long weekend. We are so grateful for all that was accomplished and for wonderful weather all through it. Here are some glimpses of what  Continue Reading »

Our Outdoor Dining Area Has a Floor!

After many days of moving dirt, adding dirt, packing dirt, followed by countless hours of tying rebar, today is the day we are pouring the concrete floor in the new outdoor area.    Many hands and feet are contributing to a successful pour – each one with a specific job to do to keep things  Continue Reading »

We have a New Phone Number

We are changing our phone system to better meet our needs in the future, which has necessitated a new phone number for us. Please update your records with our new number   778-200-3553 All calls made to our old number will temporarily be forwarded to this one.

Spring Activities

Apr. 21 Post Here are some photos showing recent progress on the volunteer cabin and The Station.                    Apr. 11 Post Single Parent Family Camp Our spring break Single Parent Family Camp was buzzing with activity in spite of the rainy days as we hosted 12 parents  Continue Reading »

Rowing Club Applications

With our summer staff now in place for 2017 we are ready to begin accepting Rowing Club applications as of April 1st. Forms can be downloaded by going to “Get Involved” on our home page, then clicking on Rowing Club and finding the forms in the right column. We prefer you to email your application  Continue Reading »

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